Fiscal court discusses tax rates

Hanna Mills - [email protected]

FLEMINGSBURG – Fleming County Fiscal Court held its monthly meeting Tuesday.

In August, magistrates determined the tax rates necessary to produce sufficient revenues for the operation of the county. They real estate rate of 16 cents per $100, tangible personal rate of 16 cents per $100, and motor vehicle and watercraft rate of 16 cents per $100.

Last year the rates brought in $1,170,760.00 and this year, based on calculations from the Department for Local Government, $1,192,600.00 is expected.

Magistrates also accepted the tax ratesfor the county’s special districts including:

— Health, real estate 5.0 cents, personal 5.0 cents.

— Library, real estate 8.8 cents, personal 5.0 cents.

— Extension, real estate 4.632 cents, persona, 6.5926 cents.

— Ambulance, real estate 4.6 cents, personal 4.6 cents.

— Soil Conservation, real estate 1.5 cents.

— Fox Creek Conservancy 1.5 cents.

— Timberland, 2.5 cents per acre.

Approvals include:

— Renewal of FEMA public assistance contract.

— Resolution 18-1260 KTC Flex Funds, Pike Bluff Road.

Hanna Mills

[email protected]