Debris management plan approved

Jonathan Wright - [email protected]

VANCEBURG — Noise complaints due to gunfire and a plan to better prepare county roads when disaster strikes were discussed by Lewis County Fiscal Court Monday.

Lewis County Fiscal Court met to discuss the possible creation of a debris management plan for the Buffalo Trace area. Before the discussion, an open floor was held for the public.

During the open floor, the court discussed with residents of the Appletree Subdivisions about sound complaints coming from a nearby shooting range on Kentucky 59. Complaints of gunfire startling residents and even some considering moving from the subdivision were aired.

This shooting range, partially funded by grant from the NRA, is open to the public, although the court also mentioned how local law enforcement frequently utilizes the range for its own purposes. The residents said they had no problems with the fact that the range is nearby or that law enforcement is using it — they simply want the sounds to be toned down.

Magistrates said efforts have been made to suppress the sound of gunfire by creating a berm, including 75 truckloads of dirt to help build it, with hopes it would absorb much of the sound. However, according to the residents present, the berm isn’t enough.

“We’ve had a couple folks in from the state,” Judge-Executive Todd Ruckel said. “One thing they said is the sound was coming down over the hill.”

Ruckel told the residents the berm will continue to be built, and he would consult some experts to explore other ways to reduce the noise.

Kristie Dodge, economic development director of the Buffalo Trace Area Development District addressed the court concerning a resolution for the Regional Debris Management Plan.

According to Dodge, the plan will simplify the process of repairing roads should disasters occur.

“The ultimate goal is to use the plan to try to create bid specifications, to try to bid out through our road commission disaster recovery firm for the backend of a man-made or natural disaster,” Dodge said.

Dodge also mentioned how this new plan would lower response time and costs for the counties who subscribe to the plan. Should the plan be adopted by the Buffalo Trace counties, Dodge said it will be the first debris management plan in the state.

The court approved the resolution which will be included to file an application with FEMA for grant funding to help pay for the creation of the Regional Debris Management Plan.

In other business, the court:

— Approved a petition made by residents living on Dearing Lane to include the road into the county road system. Ruckel said he would contact the residents who spearheaded the petition in order for arrangements to be made to prepare the road to be added to the system.

— Approved a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture to acquire a sheriff cruiser for the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office.

— Added a seasonal position at the Lewis County Road Department, citing staff being shorthanded compounded with the recent retirement of one of its staff members.

— Approved appointments and re-appointments of members of the Firebrick Volunteer Fire Department.

Jonathan Wright

[email protected]