Students start their stoves at FCHS

By Hanna Mills - [email protected]

FLEMINGSBURG – Fleming County High School has yet another special announcement — it will be opening a restaurant in September.

On Thursday, Debra Howard’s culinary arts class ran its first taste-testing for appetizers. The students prepared a list of items for staff to rate: barbeque meatballs, cheesy spinach bundles, puffy sausage rolls, turkey pinwheels, bacon-brown sugar chicken bites, mozzarella cheese bites, and hummus. They prepared the food, set the tables and greeted staff as they entered.

“We decided to have a taste test so we could get feedback on popular items (such) as appetizers, and to narrow down a menu. We made a list of the appetizers and had our guests rate their top three. I’m hoping to do this again with different soups and maybe entrees and desserts.”

The restaurant will be located in the culinary class in the high school. The classroom will be remodeled to look and feel more like a restaurant rather than a classroom. New chairs and round tables similar to the ones that are in the cafeteria have been ordered.

“Starting out, we will be open one day a week, somewhere between 11:30 until 1:30. If we are off to a good start and we get a good response, then we will move up to being open two days a week. Some things, like the menu, are still being worked out. We will be offering appetizers, soups, salads, the main entrée and desserts. Something else that I think the students will enjoy is having weekly variations and having theme meals. They’ll get to experience not only cooking American foods but also Italian, Asian, and Spanish foods” Howard explained.

While they haven’t settled on a name just yet, the restaurant will be student-run. They are setting the opening date for September 25, which will be by invitation only. The following week will be the grand opening for the community.

“The kids are excited. My students’ experiences range from never cooking to having experience from working at a job, and it is nice seeing them engaging and enjoying themselves. They really enjoy interacting with the faculty and they took pride in the comments the faculty gave them. I don’t think this has ever been done before and we are all learning as we go.

By Hanna Mills

[email protected]