FCCLA wins gold at national competition

Christy Howell-Hoots - [email protected]
Mason County High School FCCLA students recently won gold at the national competition. -

The Family Career and Community Leadership of America group at Mason County High School brought home five gold and two silver medals during the most recent National convention.

The FCCLA convention was held in Atlanta, Ga. over the summer and 22 students from MCHS competed.

Among those students were Noah Dunaway and Abigail Spencer.

Dunaway said this was his second year competing at nationals and he was excited to return.

“I was really excited,” he said. “I had a lot on my plate, but was I happy to know I was going as a voting delegate this year.”

Dunaway said he competed in a chapter materials portfolio event in which he took gold.

“I had to compete by myself, so I was pretty nervous,” he said. “Last year, we brought home silver in the event and I was disappointed, but we brought home gold this year. I wasn’t expecting it.”

Spencer said her group also received gold in its advocacy event.

“Our presentation was on Jenna’s law,” she said. “It’s a law that protects younger people, 16 and 17-years-old, from people who are 10 years older and more from predatory relationships. We were really excited to be able to tell the judges how far it went, because by the time we made it to nationals, the law had already passed. They were impressed with how much work we had done on it.”

Spencer said she was pleased to see how much her group impressed the judges.

“The judges for the event all had experience in advocacy,” she said. “So, it was amazing to see how excited they were about what we did.”

Dunaway said something the group did differently for this year’s convention was to wear matching red blazers, instead of the typical polo shirts.

“It was like a sea of red walking through the streets of Atlanta,” Spencer said.

FCCLA Adviser Shannon Roberts said she was proud of her students.

“This was the biggest group I’ve taken to the competition,” she said. “While we were in Atlanta, we took advantage of everything it had to offer. Everyone had a great time and the experience was just amazing. I’m proud of my kids — this is my favorite part of year. During that week, we grow ever closer as a group and we make plenty of memories.”

Roberts said the group is always looking for sponsors for the students to make it to events.

“They worked hard to get to nationals,” she said. “We have kids from all socio-economic backgrounds and they all worked to get to the nationals so they wouldn’t have to place that burden on their parents. Any time anyone in the community wants to pitch in and sponsor the kids to make it to the events, we’re more than happy to have them.”

The FCCLA gold winning students included Dunaway; Spencer and Hannah Applegate; Meye Myrick and Erin Hasler; and Alyssa Cracraft and Kendra Shoemaker. The silver winners included Asher Braughton, Dillon Osgood; Drew Denham and Stacey Williams and Sydney Lilley.

Mason County High School FCCLA students recently won gold at the national competition.
https://maysville-online.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/web1_IMG_5689.jpgMason County High School FCCLA students recently won gold at the national competition.

Christy Howell-Hoots

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