Aberdeen police to hold Neigborhood Watch training

Jonathan Wright - [email protected]

ABERDEEN, Ohio — The Aberdeen Police Department will be having Neighborhood Watch training with the first session set for Sept. 4.

The training will offer a way to inform the public on how its police force operates and its relationship with the community. Police Chief David Benjamin says the training will center around different issues involved with crime.

“We receive a lot of calls about crimes in the city, though citizens may not know what information police want,” Benjamin said.

With this training, Benjamin hopes the community will be better prepared against potential crime as well as being better equipped to help the police should crime occur.

Benjamin said the training will educate citizens on what a police officer’s job is, what it takes for an officer to perform their duties, the requirements needed to prosecute a case and what makes a successful prosecution. Brown County Prosecutor Zack Corbin will be among the speakers at the training to teach attendees about prosecutions, though it isn’t confirmed which day he will be attending, according to Benjamin.

Topics that will help citizens prepare against possible crime will include how to be a better witness and to know what information to observe to give to the police; how to better protect your property or business from theft; the drug epidemic in the area as it is currently and what to look for among children to keep them from drugs; and comparing evidence collection between how it is represented on television versus in reality.

Along with Corbin, Benjamin said the training will be conducted and organized by an officer of the Aberdeen Police Department, a member of the Ripley Police Department’s K9 unit to instruct on the drug issues and possibly Brown County Sheriff Gordon Ellis, though it hasn’t been confirmed as of yet.

Neighborhood Watch training will take place 6:30-8:30 p.m., with the first session on Sept. 4, followed by sessions on Sept. 18 and Oct. 2. All three of the classes will take place at the Aberdeen Council Room.

Benjamin said all members of the public, from Brown and Adams counties and even Mason County, are invited to attend.


Jonathan Wright

[email protected]