Local woman passes; her story lives on

Hanna Mills - [email protected]

MANCHESTER, Ohio – A local woman who received a double lung transplant in 2015, died this week .

Samantha Jameson was diagnosed at the age of 4 with cystic fibrosis.

Also known as CF, cystic fibrosis is a progressive genetic disease that causes persistent lung infections and limits the ability to breathe over time. It is a chronic disease that there is no cure for, even with a transplant.

In 2009 Samantha Jameson was getting sick a lot and a lung biopsy revealed she had a bacteria that was not treatable growing in her lungs. The only option for treatment was a double lung transplant. In 2014, at the time she was waiting to be put on the transplant list, her lung allocation score was a 38.

In 2015, Samantha Jameson received her new pair of lungs.

A year later on June 4, 2016, Samantha and Ty Jameson were married.

She updated her Facebook with a photo of her and her husband sharing their kiss after exchanging their vows, with the words;

“Through sickness and in health! Today makes two years of marriage with the most amazing human on the planet! We go through so many obstacles, but we always find a way to make it work and come out on top! You keep me positive, strong and most of all…HAPPY! I love the life I live with you! We say it all the time… God knew what he was doing!

On Aug. 15, Ty Jameson updated the couple’s Facebook page, Ty and Sams Journey, with a message:

“This will be the toughest update: As everyone knows Sam was put on a ventilator last Tuesday due to her carbon dioxide levels being super high. Throughout the week they have tried weening her off of the vent several times and each time Sam would struggle just a little bit more. Her lungs have gotten used to the vent settings and therefore making it more and more difficult for her to come off of it each day.”

“Over the weekend the doctors came in and explained to us how Sam’s lungs are not improving and the next step with intensive care would be to do a tracheoscopy procedure with really no guarantee that she would ever come off of the vent.”

He went on to say “Sam’s tired. The thought of another procedure, another stretch of battles seems very daunting and extremely difficult to face in the condition that she is in. With that said we wanted to talk with her primary transplant doctor to see if he could shed some light on the situation. He didn’t come in till Monday. Saturday evening Sam expressed to us how she’s ready to have her own voice in this and wants to have people ask her what she wants to do rather than telling her what the next plan is. WE, as her family, as her parents, as her husband and as a human being respect this 100 percent and know that the decision to go thru with the trachea, is completely up to her.”

After talking with her primary doctor, Samantha Jameson and her family came to a difficult decision.

Ty Jameson said in another post:

“(“Sam told me to make a post this evening.”) So Monday comes and we get to speak with her transplant doctor. He really didn’t have anything different to add to what the other doctors said, other than, He knew coming into the room that Sam was not going to go thru with the procedure. Sam is tired and her body is in so much pain from fighting this whole year. She told us that she’s ready. Ready to go home. “

“So, it just crushes me to have to say this but, tomorrow we will be heading home to a hospice facility where Sam will comfortably and peacefully pass away. This is so real. My heart is shredded. But as terrible as this is and just painful… There is so much peace to be had knowing that she will no longer have to suffer or be in pain, in this life or the next. There’s so much peace to be had knowing where she is headed.”

This isn’t her giving up, this is her being ready to go home. She actually asked the most humbling question to our pastor yesterday, “How do I know that I did enough for God?” We both smiled because it has been the greatest journey of my life to live beside someone who is so inspirational, so loving, so amazing, someone who has brought people to Christ or back to Him, someone who has kept her faith, someone with so much light and someone who has had a huge impact on anyone she has ever met. So, I’m pretty sure God is well pleased and ready to peacefully receive her into the kingdom. All of us, who has been impacted by Sam, will carry her with us into eternity and will remember how much light and love one person could bring into this world. “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.” Her impact on this rock is legendary, and we will live it on.”

Information on services for Samantha Jameson were not available Friday.



Hanna Mills

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