MCPL to hold meteor shower program

Christy Howell-Hoots - [email protected]

Maysville Community and Technical College physics professor Scott Miller will give a presentation on meteor showers during a program at the Mason County Public Library, Wednesday, Aug. 8.

Alexa Colemire, director of adult programming for MCPL, said the program will feature a presentation on the history of meteor showers and the best ways to watch one.

“With a meteor shower coming up this year, we thought it would be a good idea to have someone come in and talk about it,” Colemire said. “He’s going to give a brief history, talk about what’s interesting about it and some of the best ways to watch the shower.”

A Perseid meteor shower is expected the night of Aug. 12, according to Star Date.

Colemire said the discussion will be a part of several programs she hopes to see held at the library.

“I wanted to do more programs like this for the community,” she said. “We’re wanting to utilize more of our local experts.”

Colemire said she hopes those in attendance will walk away with a better understanding of meteor showers.

“I hope they’ll have fun and walk away with more knowledge of meteor showers; maybe learn something they didn’t know before,” she said.

The program will be held on Aug. 8, beginning at 5 p.m.

Several other programs have also been planned for the MCPL by Colemire.

“Last month, we did a crystals and candles program,” she said. “We had a woman talk about the powers of crystals and what the different colors mean for candles. It was interesting.”

In September, there will also be a program about the Korean Airlines Flight 700 that was shot down in in 1983.

“The flight was shot down and almost caused World War III,” Colemire said. “It’s really interesting if you’re interested in military history and conspiracy.”

A reception for the departure of MCPL Director Valerie Zempter and arrival of new director Steve Parrott will also be held in September, according to Colemire.

“We’ll have a date for the reception later,” she said. “We’re still making plans.”

Colemire also said, on Sept. 8, an author from Louisville will sign books at MCPL. The author will be discussing a book written about Charles Young.

“We have a lot of things planned,” she said. “We’re starting a new book club and we’ll have lots of programming for the community.”

Christy Howell-Hoots

[email protected]