Fleming schools launch homeschool recruitment program

Jonathan Wright - [email protected]

FLEMINGSBURG — Fleming County School District is attempting to extend its reach in the county to not only serve students attending its schools, but also those who receive home schooling.

The district is offering parents of students who are home schooled the opportunity to voice their opinions, concerns and needs in an effort to potentially incorporate more students into the school district. Michelle Hunt, newly appointed chief academic officer, is spearheading the effort to reach out to the families.

“Our goal is to work with parents, students, and stakeholders to identify current barriers and develop an action plan to create learning programs, on-site and virtual, that allow mastery through performance instead of seat time, which is allowed in Kentucky,” Hunt said.

The school district is planning to promoting its Virtual Academy program, which allows students from grades 6-12 to participate in Fleming County curriculum. Virtual classes were first implemented at Fleming County High School last year, Hunt said, and this current iteration has been the joint effort of herself and Superintendent Brian Creasman.

“By no means are we downplaying home school; however, we are saying that we currently have viable options that we may not have had in the past,” Hunt said.

A meet-and-greet is being arranged by the school district to establish a correspondence with families, and find ways for the district to better cater to students learning from home. Hunt said possible barriers which cause parents and children to decide home schooling will be part of the discussion.

“During this event, we will start with a blank canvas to design your child’s learning plan,” she said. “Through conversations with parents, we will paint the picture of how we can best personalize learning for their child.”

There are several benefits for home-schooled students to enroll with the school district, Hunt said, such as receiving high school diplomas from an accredited school, ability to participate in clubs and athletics as well as being eligible for receiving KEES benefits to aid in pursuing college.

“All Fleming County Schools’ students deserve the right to a free, safe, personalized, and equitable education without barriers and prejudice,” she said.

The meet-and-greet event is set to be held on Aug. 2.

For more information, contact Michelle Hunt at 606-845-5851 or via her email at [email protected]


Jonathan Wright

[email protected]