Harold Fetters publishes inspirational book

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Harold Fetters and his wife, Roxanne -

Maysville native Harold Fetters had a book published earlier this year titled Grandpa’s Golden Nuggets and Inspirationals, a collection of adages and sayings steeped in Christian ideology. His work was published by Christian Faith Publishing in early February, and according to Fetters, acts as a counterpoint to what he calls the moral decadence to the current age.

In his youth, Fetters attended Woodleigh Elementary School, later named Jones Elementary, through grade six. After grade school, Fetters went to Maysville High School in 1958, where as a freshman he joined and became a starting member of the Maysville High School baseball team. His team went on to become the first and only to MHS baseball team to win a state title.

After attending Morehead State University, Fetters enlisted in the United States Air Force, where he served a tour of duty in England and another in Turkey. Upon his discharge, he returned to Maysville.

Fetters played for another state champion winning team, when he started centerfield on the Kentucky state champion’s mens slow pitch softball team in 1971. Other team members included Ronnie Lyons, Gordon Jones, Arlie Mitchell, Wendell Pollitt, Roger Brown, Sam and David Grayson, Norman Jenkins, Harry Lewis and Johnny Fryman. The team was managed by Don Gallagher.

Later in life, Fetters bought a farm in Fleming County where he met and married Roxanne Caudill. While living there, Fetters began his issuance of adages and Christian sensibilities by writing a column in the Flemingsburg Gazette titled “Christian Thoughts for the Day.”

When Roxanne Fetters’ health began to deteriorate, they moved to Arizona and later Michigan so she could be near her family.

When his wife died in 2012, Fetters moved to South Carolina where he now resides.

Fetters said when his wife would spend a lot of time in the hospital, groups of Mennonite women were volunteering in hospitals in the area and greeting patients. He said while the women would hold his wife’s hand, they would sing gospel songs to her.

Whenever the women would visit, Fetters would ask them questions pertaining to the Bible and give them nuggets of knowledge. Fetters forged a bond with the group of Mennonites, who encouraged him to compile his wisdom into a book.

“They adopted me as their adopted grandpa,” he said, “and they were my adopted grandchildren.”

Fetters’s goal in publishing his book was not for monetary gain, but for his knowledge and wisdom to resonate with someone who is seeking some insight.

“Over the years, I have seen the morals of this country deteriorate dramatically,” Fetters said in the book’s synopsis. “As Christians, we have a responsibility to expound God’s Word and be as a shining light in this dark world of sin. It is for this purpose that I have written Grandpa’s Golden Nuggets and Inspirationals.”

Grandpa’s Golden Nuggets and Inspirationals can be purchased online at Amazon, Apple iTunes store, Barnes and Noble and wherever books are sold.

Harold Fetters and his wife, Roxanne
https://maysville-online.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/web1_Fetters-1.jpgHarold Fetters and his wife, Roxanne

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