No skimmers found at gas station

Christy Howell-Hoots - [email protected]

GERMANTOWN — Reports of a credit card skimmer on a gas station in Germantown are false.

An employee with the Marathon First Stop gas station said maintenance personnel checked the pumps and no skimmers were found.

“We had some people tell us their banks said their cards were compromised here, but we didn’t find anything,” the employee said. “We’ve checked all of our pumps just to make sure, but there are no skimmers at our gas station.”

Mason County Sheriff Patrick Boggs had some advice for anyone concerned about skimmers on gas station pumps.

According to Boggs, if the card is used at the pump and it is suspected that a skimmer may be on it, inform the gas station employees.

“Notify the gas station immediately,” he said. “Don’t leave the gas station if you suspect a skimmer is there. Check your credit card accounts immediately, as well. We can’t do an identity theft report unless the card has been compromised, but you can always put a watch on your credit through the credit bureaus.”

Bracken County Sheriff Howard Neimeier also shared some information from the Boone County Sheriff’s Office with information one what to do if a skimmer is suspected.

According to the information provided, patrons should always check the pump before running a credit or debit card. Some things to look for include checking to make sure the pump has not been tampered with, no key has been broken off in the slot to prevent access, checking to see if the receptacle looks different than that of another pump.

“Simply tug on any protruding card reader at a pump,” the sheriff’s post said. “This will not damage the pump and if there is a skimmer, it will come off rather easily. If applicable, the safest way to prevent you from being a victim is to go inside and pay at the register.”

Some other advice in the list included keeping debit/credit cards in sight. If a store clerk has to go to another register to run the card, go with them.

“Skimming occurs most at restaurants since the server has to walk away with your card,” the post said. “If you are in a retail store and they say they have to go to another counter to run the card, follow them. If you are concerned about letting go of your card at restaurants, use cash instead. Report any discrepancies to law enforcement.”

Christy Howell-Hoots

[email protected]