Land sold to sewer authority for new plant

Jonathan Wright - [email protected]

BROOKSVILLE — Acres of farmland are set to be sold to the Augusta Regional Sewer Authority to begin construction of a new sewer plant by the Bracken County Fiscal Court.

Bracken County Fiscal Court met Wednesday morning to discuss various issues ranging from county roads to road paving bids. One of the major concerns discussed is theft of road signs. Stacey Florer, road supervisor for the road department said it’s a constant and costly problem.

“It’s been a problem since day one, that’s why we switched from aluminum to fiberglass. It has deterred it some, but then we have moments throughout the year — graduation and usually around Halloween, there will be 25 to 30 missing on a night.”

The road department hasn’t devised a solution to the thefts. The court suggested video surveillance, although it was also aware of the possibility of theft of the camera systems themselves. Florer said the process of making and installing signs is costly.

The court approved a property sale to the Augusta Regional Sewer Authority, to allow it a site to build a sewer plant in Brooksville, after the previous building site was deemed unsuitable for construction.

“We were trying to find another site that was suitable; we found land out here, but it was a 87 acre farm. It had three potential places where we could put the sewer plant, but the gentleman that was selling it wasn’t willing to sell just one little lot — he was trying to sell the whole thing.”

Bush said ARSA doesn’t have the funds to buy the entire property, but needed the land secured to begin construction on the plant. The fiscal court purchased the farm for $175,000 with an agreement with ARSA to buy the property from the court as soon as it receives funding to do so.

In other business, the court approved an asphalt bid for Mago Construction to star paving roads in the county. The amount of the bid was around $396,000.

A Homeland Security grant agreement was approved to award $49,500 to the water district to fund installation of a generator. Any additional expenses will be paid by the district.

An amendment to the Central Kentucky 911 network increases invoices by 2 percent for the fiscal year. The initial expense equates to $11,400, and will see a $228 annual increase.

Jonathan Wright

[email protected]