Augusta boat docks return to the water

Christy Howell-Hoots - [email protected]

AUGUSTA — The Augusta boat docks are finished and in the waters of the Ohio River, near the River Park, once again.

Augusta Mayor Wendell High, along with several volunteers, worked for nearly two weeks to rebuild the docks and completed the work on Thursday.

Augusta City Clerk Gretchen England said the docks will be open for rental again, although there is a waiting list.

“We have several people who did not request their money back from last year, even though they had been unable to use the slips due to the storms washing them away,” she said. “We’ll be calling them first.”

According to England, there are 18 slips in the water for rental. Anyone interested in renting them, can contact Augusta City Hall. The cost is $260 per season, which runs from around Memorial Day to October.

High said the cost of rebuilding the docks was around $45,000, much less than the $85,000 originally estimated.

“We had an estimate for the rebuilding,” he said. “If we had hired a contractor to do the work, we would have been looking at around $85,000 in order to complete it. This way, we were able to save the city a lot of money.”

During a meeting of the Augusta City Council in March, High discussed how he had planned on financing the work.

He proposed moving $15,000 from the gas budget, $5,000 from the sidewalk project and $20,000 from the contingency fund. High said the city would complete the work with volunteers.

According to High, the docks were damaged during storms that flooded several areas of Augusta in July 2017. High said the boat docks were washed away during the storms.

“I don’t know if the docks were actually flooded or if they were torn out from the wind,” High said. “But, since it was considered a flood issue, the Kentucky League of Cities said it wasn’t covered (by insurance).”

He said he would like to look into the possibility of having the docks moved to a different location later, but that would not be a possibility currently.

High said he is looking forward to having the docks back in the Ohio River.

“I’ll be glad to have this project complete so we can use the boat docks once again,” High said. “I appreciate the help of all the volunteers to make this happen. We wouldn’t be able to do it without them.”

Christy Howell-Hoots

[email protected]