Updates made to high school contruction plan

Jonathan Wright - [email protected]

FLEMINGSBURG — Construction plans for Fleming County High School saw some revisions during Thursday night’s school board meeting.

Fleming County Board of Education held a special meeting to discuss some change orders regarding extension of the construction project underway at FCHS. During this extension, some new construction jobs will be added to further improve the school. Superintendent Brian Creasman wanted to emphasis that everything regarding the construction project is going better than planned.

“We are way ahead of schedule, and way under budget,” Creasman said.

The initial deadline for the high school construction was set for June 30, but with the added changes to the project, Oct. 31 is now the intended deadline.

“It was already extended to October,” Creasman said, ” we’d just put a self-imposed deadline of June 30 for major construction to be over.”

According to Creasman, the budget for the construction project was slated at around $15 million, although due to receiving grants, the amount available was somewhere near $16 million. Despite the increase, the school board wanted to conserve as much of the funds as possible and refrain from spending over the initial $15 million.

“The school board was clear,” Creasman said. “They wanted to come in under budget, they wanted it to meet the deadline, but they also wanted us to scrutinize — or pinch pennies as much as possible, and we did that.”

With a sizeable amount of the construction budget left over, about $160,000, according to Creasman, new additions could be made to FCHS. Some of the changes include adding bleachers to the school’s multipurpose room for auditorium seating, repairing some roofing on the building and adding about 70 parking spaces.

Creasman said the new items for construction aren’t expected to go over the intended budget and that the school board is resolved to stretch each dollar as construction continues.

“With those bleachers, if we have to cut out 10, we’ll cut out 10 to meet the budget,” Creasman said. “We don’t miss budgets.”


Jonathan Wright

[email protected]