Students help disabled veterans

Christy Howell-Hoots - [email protected]

BROOKSVILLE — Fifth grade students at Taylor Elementary School donated money to the Disabled American Veterans organization on Friday.

The money was collected from a lemonade war held between all of the fifth grade classes.

Dan Clare, a representative with the DAV, visited Mandy Davenport’s fifth grade class on Friday in order to accept the money from the students.

While there, Clare discussed how the money would be used by the organization.

“When you donate money to a charity, it’s a good idea for you to know what the money will be used for,” he said.

According to Clare, the DAV helps veterans transition when they return from active duty.

“Imagine if you drove a tank in the military and you return home from active duty-what kind of job are you going to get?” he said. “So, we help veterans find jobs they can do. We even held a job fair recently and your money could go somewhere like that.”

Clare said the students donated $153 between all of the fifth grade classes.

“DAV helps people get their benefits and for every dollar invested in service programs, $40 goes back to help veterans,” he said. “So, 40 times 153-can you tell me what that equals? That will total more than $6,000.”

Clare said he was pleased to have the children help with donations to the DAV.

“They did something really substantial for veterans and their families,” he said.

Natalie Cummins came up with the idea to donate the money to the DAV.

“We sold lemonade and we could pick the charity we wanted to give the money to and we chose the DAV,” she said. “We raised $51 with our class, so we won the lemonade wars and we got to choose the place to donate the money.”

Cummins said she chose the DAV because of the work they do to help veterans.

“Since veterans sacrificed for us to be able to go to school and do the things we wanted I thought this would be the best place to give the money,” she said. “I thought it was a great way to honor our veterans.”

Nash Jefferson said he was happy to be able to give to the DAV.

“I feel really good because we’re helping veterans,” he said. “I hope this can help some of the veterans. It was nice that we were able to do this. We’ve donated to them before and our class felt it was important to help them out.”

Superintendent Jeff Aulick said he was proud of the work his students put into raising the money.

“I’m very proud of our students taking initiative to make a difference in a disabled veteran’s life,” he said. “As we honor our heroes this Memorial Day weekend, I hope we all take a moment to thank those who protected our freedom.”

Christy Howell-Hoots

[email protected]