Student earns degree in high school

Jonathan Wright - [email protected]

FLEMINGSBURG — Shelby Hardymon, senior at Fleming County High School, has accomplished the feat of receiving her associate’s degree before graduating from high school.

Hardymon earned her degree in applied science at Maysville Community and Technical College through dual credit program offered at FCHS by the college. She said the plan to go for her associate’s degree was a thought she had since taking the dual credit classes.

“My mom kind of mentioned it, and I figured it would help because in high school (the classes) are cheaper,” Hardymon said. “So, I thought it would help me get my gen-eds out of the way now while they’re cheaper rather than doing them later on. So, now I feel kind of relieved that I have half of college out of the way.”

Among the students at FCHS who’ve accomplished this goal, Hardymon is not the first. Christian Hurst, who graduated in 2015, was the first student from Fleming County to receive a degree from MCTC while still in high school.

The transition to college classes was difficult at first, Hardymon said, though gradually she persevered adapted to the advanced courses.

“To begin with, it was kind of overwhelming because I wasn’t expecting so much,” she said. “I got on my blackboard the first time and I was like ‘this is so much work, I don’t know if I can do it,’ but then I looked over everything, got it all organized, I wrote down everything I needed to do and it kind of got easier as I went along.”

Hardymon plans to attend Morehead State University and major in respiratory care, using her education to become a respiratory therapist. All of the dual credit courses Hardymon has taken, she believes, has greatly prepared her for the next step of her education, perhaps even better than her high school classes.

Although Hardymon, for all intents and purposes, has earned her degree, she must graduate from FCHS to be able to receive it.

Hardymon said she is both fearful and hopeful about graduating from high school and moving on with the next stage of her life.

“It kind of scary, because I’ve been here my whole life,” Hardymon said. “When I do go to Morehead, I’m going to stay at home, which makes it kind of a little bit better. I’m really nervous, but I’m ready.”

Jonathan Wright

[email protected]