‘School’s out’ for students; not so for faculty

Jonathan Wright - [email protected]

FLEMINGSBURG — This month marks the final stretch of the school year in Fleming County, and while students can breathe easy after testing period, faculty and administrators are in high gear towards Summer break and preparing for the school year yet to come.

With students about to vacate school for the Summer, faculty seize the opportunity to take stock of their facilities and see if any maintenance needs to be tended to. Greg Conway, Director of Operations of the Fleming County Board of Education, discussed the ‘laundry list’ of sorts that needs to be done once classes have concluded.

“On June the first we’ll start emptying the classrooms,” Conway said. “Because on June the fourth we have a company coming in to start waxing the floors and stripping the floors, and then during the two-week shutdown for the KHSAA dead period, we’re trying to get someone for the high school and our middle school gym floors.”

Among the other items that’ll be completed over the break will be obtaining mulch for playgrounds, inspecting playground equipment and servicing school buses and other school vehicles. Certain infrastructural improvements would also be made to some schools, according to Conway.

“We’re working at Ewing Elementary on their soccer field, getting electric ran to the concession stands, and KU has been working with us to put a transformer, so when we put lights out there we’ll have the transformer already in place,” Conway said.

The list of tasks aren’t limited to Summer break either. While school is still in session, plenty of work is being done, such as replacing old locks and, as the weather transitions into warmer temperatures, air filters for air conditioning. Testing is the main focus of this time in the school year, Conway said.

“When the kids are hitting the EOC test or they’re hitting the benchmark in the MAP test, the KPrep test, whichever grade they’re in, whatever test it is, we’re trying to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible, so they can do the best they can,” Conway said.

Jonathan Wright

[email protected]