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MOUNT OLIVET — A public meeting to discuss allowing an entertainment license for the River Ridge campground in Robertson County became heated on Monday.

The River Ridge campground, owned by Matthew Edwards and Craig Rosen, is an all male, clothing optional camp, according to the Michael Bouldin, attorney for the campground.

According to Bouldin, the reason the men chose Robertson County is due to the site being an already existing campground in a mostly secluded area.

“There’s only one or two other neighbors out there,” Bouldin said. “It’s a small, narrow road and it’s mostly secluded. With it already being a campground, they thought it would be the perfect place to locate.”

Though the camp has already received the permit to open, a public meeting was held on Monday to hear concerns on the owner’s request for an entertainment license.

“We are hear to discuss the entertainment license,” Bouldin said. “But, I would like to give a little background on the camp. It is a male only, clothing optional camp. The camp will have a wooden fence, with mesh that is not see-through, around the entire site that will be up to 12 feet in some areas. No one will be able to see inside.”

According to Bouldin, the camp permit was approved earlier this year by Frankfort and is only seeking an entertainment license.

“The entertainment license will be used if the camp wants to host a concert or other activities,” he said. “If something is opened to the public, the camp must abide by all public decency and discrimination laws, meaning they will have to be clothed and women will allowed inside the campground.”

Robertson County Judge-Executive Stephanie Bogucki gave those in attendance the opportunity to voice their opinions on the license. Each person was given two minutes to speak.

One man, Albert Murray, said he has been a resident of Robertson County for many years and was not in support of Bogucki signing the entertainment permit as he believed the campground should never have been approved.

“I’m surprised that someone in Frankfort approved this permit and didn’t ask any of us what we wanted,” he said. “If we allow this one to start up, who’s to say someone won’t come in, buy up the old gymnasium and put in a pornographic video store. If you don’t believe that it happens, just drive down the interstate. All of the residents here know that if we make too much of a stink about this, we’ll wind up on the national news, just like they did to the poor lady in Rowan County, who was just following her beliefs. We’re all stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

Resident Alvin Cartcher said he was concerned about the campground being so close to his property.

“It’s less than 150 feet from my property line,” he said. “I have grandchildren who come out there. I don’t want them seeing what’s going on in that place. Would anyone else want their child subjected to what’s going on in there?”

One resident, Kevin Whitten, said that though he may not entirely agree with the campground, he wanted everyone to realize it has already been approved and the meeting was only supposed to discuss the entertainment license.

“I agree mostly with live and let live,” he said. “I moved here for two reasons, privacy and to do what I want on my own property. Now, I may not completely agree with the campground, but it’s already been approved. We’re here tonight to discuss the entertainment license, not to stop the campground.”

Several others spoke during the meeting before magistrate Larry Jones voiced his opinions.

“I’m opposed to this,” he said. “What if it was your next door neighbor? I don’t want my grandchildren or anyone exposed to this. I think you’ve come to the wrong place.”

The campground is located on Harding Road. It is a members only campground that will have a fence and a gated entrance. More information can be found by visiting

Christy Howell-Hoots

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