City opens pool bids; decision to be made Monday

By Christy Howell-Hoots - [email protected]
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AUGUSTA — Two bids were submitted to the Augusta City Council detailing costs to repair the existing public pool.

During a meeting of the Augusta City Council, Mayor Wendell High opened a sealed bid package from PSS Contractors out of Cincinnati who submitted a bid of $325,000. The second company to submit was Natare out of Indianapolis, Ind. in the amount of $187,691.

“We gave out eight packets,” High said, “but we only received two bids.”

According to High, the bids will be given to the Augusta pool committee to examine before they meet on Friday. At that time, they will consider both companies and make a recommendation to city council. A special meeting has been called for Monday at 5:30 p.m., to discuss and possibly award the bid.

There are several renovations that need to be completed for the pool to begin operating again. It was shut down early last summer because of the many problems. High said he did not believe the pool would be reopened this year because there is so much work that needs to be completed.

According to the scope of work provided to bidders, some of those renovations include removing the concrete floor, deck and wading pool in order to install new main drains, gutters, pool plumbing and wading pool plumbing, provide PVC I-Bar grating, replace concrete deck, add a 60 mil membrane using industry standard installation system, replace pool ladders with commercial pool ladders, keep the diving board, add handrail to the wading pool, provide signage and safety equipment and other work.

High said some of the work may be completed by the city, instead of the contractor once the bid has been awarded.

“We’ll work with the contractors to see what work can be completed by the city,” High said. “Well make it clear that there are some things we can do ourselves.”

The city is also continuing to work on bringing in funding for the pool renovation.

During a Bracken County Fiscal Court meeting earlier in March, magistrates approved an advance of $150,000 to the city in order to make repairs to the pool. The money was already given to the city each year in the amount of $7,500. Now, the city will receive 20 years of funding in a lump sum.

There is also a fundraiser underway on at

Council Member Jackie Hopkins said she has been working to find funding for the pool.

“I’ve been knocking on some people’s doors hoping we might get lucky,” she said. “The redbasket fundraiser is still going and we’re working to get other funding. We’re going to keep working.”

City council also approved a resolution allowing the Augusta Police Department to apply for a grant with Kentucky Office of Homeland Security in order to purchase vehicle radios and duty belts.

“The radio reception is horrible in town,” Augusta Police Chief Matt Jones told council. “The sheriff’s department doesn’t even call us on the radio anymore. They use our cell phones.”

Jones said the grant he is applying for would fund the radios and belts at 100 percent.

He said the application periodfor the grant does not close until mid-May.

“I’m hoping we’ll hear something around the end of May or beginning of June.”

Other items discussed at the meeting included:

— Approving an encroachment agreement between the city and CSX so the city to repair an 18-inch diameter sub-grade pipeline crossing, which is located at the intersection of Bracken Street and the CSX Railroad crossing.

— Upcoming recreation activities in the city. Several activities have been planned for the summer, including movies in the park, with the first movie June 1. Beautify Augusta will also begin planting flowers for the summer and plans for the Regatta are underway.

Art for web only. for web only.

By Christy Howell-Hoots

[email protected]