Last-minute one-dish meal ideas

Tammy Ruggles

If you are low on groceries but company drops in unexpectedly, here are two quick ideas for last-minute dishes, and both involve a couple of cans of beef stew.

Stew is hearty, filling, and comforting. It dates back to ancient times and can be found in many countries, from Japan to Turkey, but if you don’t care for meat or are a vegetarian, you can definitely omit the beef and opt for mixed vegetables in brown gravy instead.

1. The first dish is stew over a bed of rice, and is so quick and easy your children can help make most if not the whole meal in a matter of minutes.

Just prepare a pan of instant rice in a pan, and heat a can or two of beef stew in a microwave or saucepan. Then spread cooked rice into a casserole dish, and pour the stew over it. Serve with Hawaiian sweet rolls, French bread, or cornbread, add a garden salad, and you have a complete last-minute meal to serve.

2. The second dish is stew over a bed of egg noodles. This too is fast and simple.

Boil a bag of egg noodles until tender, and pour into a casserole dish. Heat a can or two of stew in a saucepan or microwave, and pour onto the bed of noodles. Serve with biscuits or cheese or garlic Texas toast and a refreshing gelatin salad.

If you do decide to make a gelatin salad, the possibilities are endless. If unsure of what to add to the Jello, ½ to 1 cup (depending on your density preference) of shredded carrots, diced pineapple, or nuts are just three tasty ideas.

As you can see, even a few ingredients whipped together can make for a delicious meal when family or friends unexpectedly drop in.

Tammy Ruggles

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Tammy Ruggles