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Published March 6, 1969 in Public Ledger/The Daily Independent

Germantown, with a population of slightly over 300, is one of the few towns in Kentucky that can boast of having a volunteer fire department with an eighth class fire prevention rating…and members of the department right now are working hard to construct a new fire hall.

The task won’t be easy, but already they have acquired a site and have deposited approximately $2,000 in a savings account. This is money they have received from donations.

The site is the property which was once the Reed’s Chapel Methodist Church and was acquired from the Kentucky Conference of Methodist Churches for legal fees of $325.

It is valued at $2,000 and included approximately 40 by 80 and is located in the west end of Germantown.

The fire department whose membership now numbers 27, hopes to build a one story brick structure with room for two vehicles in the front and a meeting room in the rear. The building is expected to cover the entire lot.

Future donations, projects by the active fire department as well as the entire citizenry of Germantown and a recent bequest of $200 by the late Anna Mae Harmon — all will help the town’s dream come true.

The volunteer group, which has been fully organized for the past 14 years, has been forced to operate in a small “cubby hole” in the past office building. Much of the department’s equipment, which the state requires in order that they maintain their rating, is stored in an upstairs room, The downstairs facilities are equally insufficient. In order to enter the building one must climb over the hood of a truck. The department now has one large engine and a pick-up truck for forestry service.

The fire prevention rating, of which the members are so proud, offers those the fire department serves a reduction of 14 percent in insurance rates.

The plans were completed when the department met Monday night. Robert Doyle is chief and John W. Lang is in charge of fund-raising.