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Published Oct. 24, 1997 in The Ledger Independent

Kentucky State Police are investigating the disappearance of a Bracken County High School students.

Erica Fraysure, 17, of Germantown, was last seen about 10 p.m., Tuesday by some friends who spotted her driving through Brooksville, KSP Detective Bob Scott said. She was reported missing to Bracken County Sheriff Mike Nelson later that evening, police said.

The dark-haired teen-ager’s 1988 Pontiac was found abandoned about 24 hours later on Fronk Lane, a rural Bracken County road, Scott said. The car was unlocked and the car keys were gone, he said. The car had not been wrecked and there were no signs of foul play in the auto, Scott said.

Some of Fraysure’s belongings were still in the car when it was found Wednesday, according to Scott.

The Bracken County senior had not contacted any family or friends as of late Thursday, police said.

Scott sad he would not speculate on the girl’s disappearance.

“We just don’t know.”

Scott said he has talked with Fraysure’s family, friends and classmates, but still has no leads.

Bracken County High School Principal Mark Crain said the last time he saw Fraysure was shortly before 4 p.m., Tuesday as she left the school building. Crain said he did not talk with her then, bit he has talked with Fraysure’s mothers.

“We want to do whatever we can.”

Scott is also investigating reports of threatening phone calls made Wednesday evening to several girls about Fraysure’s age. In all of the incidents, the caller was male,Scott said.

Fraysure is the daughter of Maggie Doherty of Germantown and Kevin Fraysure of Augusta. When last seen she was wearing a purple sweater with white stripes, blue jeans, white Keds tennis shoes and a “Winnie the Pooh” wristwatch.

Thursday afternoon, Fraysure’s classmates distributed fliers with her photos on them, seeking help in finding the missing girl. Attorney Gwen McKenzie found one of the homemade posters on her car and carried it into the county clerk’s office.

“It’s scary,” McKenzie said as she shared the information on the poster with office employees.