Day 10 — Emerson Power Transmission announces reductions

Published June 26, 2010 in The Ledger Independent

As the economy continues to stagger throughout the United States, the Maysville area received bad news Friday with announced reductions at Emerson Power Transmission.

Word of the layoffs began to trickle out into the community after 3 p.m.

Working to confirm the reports, The Ledger Independent placed calls to Emerson Electric’s facility in Florence, and then to the Emerson world headquarters in St. Louis.

LI staff were referred to Emerson’s public relations firm, Fleishman-Hillard which confirmed the news with the following statement.

“Power Transmission Solutions, a division of Emerson, today (June 25, 2010) informed employees at its Maysville, Ky., facility of plans for workforce reductions at the Maysville operations over the next two years. This reduction is driven by product moves to other Emerson locations in North America and the need to most efficiently operate for our customers. Based on current business volume, this announcement affects between 100 and 150 hourly employees and a proportionate number of manufacturing salaried employees, whose jobs will be reduced over the next two-to-three years.”

Emily Acquisto, spokesperson for Emerson at Fleishman-Hillard provided the statement.

When asked when the first reductions would begin, Acquisto said “It’s too early to say when the first round will begin.”

Acquisto said the reductions will occur in the production/manufacturing area of the business, not in administrative or sales positions. She also noted hourly employees impacted by the reductions will be subject to recall and the company expects some attrition through retirement to occur.

The Maysville plant is the only Emerson manufacturing facility impacted by the reductions, Acquisto said.

In February 2009, the Maysville EPT facility was also affected by reductions to its employee base.

At the time, Fleishman-Hillard spokesperson David Baldridge released the following statement after initial reports of the layoffs were published.

“Due to declining business conditions, Emerson Power Transmission announced workforce reductions the week of Feb. 9 at several of its global locations. Approximately 200 hourly positions globally were affected by this announcement across the company. This difficult business decision is no reflection on the quality of these employees, who have served the company and our customers well over the years.”

According to Baldridges’s e-mailed press release, there were 60 Maysville layoffs announced as part of the 200 announced companywide; the layoffs were not temporary.

At the time, Baldridge said the number of employees at the Maysville EPT/Browning facilities totaled 500 after the reductions.

The manufacturing entity has been a Maysville employer since its beginnings as the Ohio Valley Pulley Company in the late 1800s, later becoming Browning Manufacturing, which was sold to Emerson Electric in the 1970s.