Things that make you wonder

Robert Roe

When one thinks of the Wonders of the World the Pyramids at Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Colossus of Rhodes, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the statue of Zeus at Olympia or the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus spring readily to mind. But, I invite you to dig deeper. Surely there are other things about our planet that fill you with wonder.

“Well,” I can imagine you saying, “I figure any number of things baffle you.” As usual, you’d be right. Yet for this exercise, I ask you to indulge me and pretend I am a normal person. Let us begin.

For starters, I wonder with stupefaction how voters complain that the halls of politics are filled with old white men, yet jump for joy at the prospect of Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton running for President in 2020 (sure, Hillary isn’t a man, but she satisfies two of the criteria, so go with it). What’s the matter – is it too soon to disinter Ronald Reagan (Republican) or Harry S. Truman (Democrat) and run their moldy bones for office? I am fairly certain that, even in their current state, they would be more effective public servants than the Rogue’s Gallery currently infesting Washington D.C.

Gaze with perturbation while courts, Attorneys General and Second Amendment opponents are spitting figurative gunfire over the online posting of designs for what are called “Ghost Guns,” pistols able to be manufactured with a 3-D printer. The legal and ethical debate is going about as well as one would expect, with people for and against it predicting either the death of America due to the government’s usurpation of individual rights or the literal death of America due to shootings by weapons that can be created at home without the bother of government oversight. Meanwhile, California is keeping their priorities straight with the drive to ban drinking straws from the property formerly known as one of the United States.

Observe with stultification as, two years later, what was a simple employer/employee issue has mushroomed into a cross between a civil rights issue and a Warner Brothers cartoon. Ladies and Gentlemen, athletes are employees. Club owners are bosses. How many businesses do you know where the hired dictates the terms of their hire? The issue is simple enough. Take a knee, get fired for disobeying bosses’ orders. As an aside, how many times do you see these paragons of propriety taking a knee when a network camera isn’t focused on their righteous faces?

I wonder how the Kardashians have become celebrities by, basically, marrying rich famous people, debasing themselves individually or as a group on a reality TV show, and/or starring in a sex tape? Which is more the embarrassing of the three? I’ll let you be the judge.

It’s easy to look on in astonishment at some old rocks stacked in interesting patterns. I find fascination in the wonders of the actions of man to be just as compelling.

Speaking of wonder…I wonder what’s for lunch?

Robert Roe