ORVAG First Friday opening set


Artisan Framewerks, Evolution of Quality and Excellence, is being featured at the First Friday, July 6, at the Cox Gallery located on the second floor of the Cox Building, in Maysville.

Every month, the First Friday event brings a new exhibit that features artists from the guild, community or around the country. You will enjoy seeing Kentucky’s premier frame moulding manufacturer, exhibiting framed artworks and artifacts from around the world and artwork by the Ohio River Valley Artist Guild. The opening reception is Friday, July 6 from 5-7 p.m. Refreshments will be served.

Stefan Hayes is no stranger to our area and ORVAG. He displayed his custom made moulding in Washington Hall when it first opened. He is a frame designer and the head of Artisan Framewerks. He first was a custom framer which is an art in itself before turning to designing mouldings in 2010. During his short career as a designer, he has designed approximately 500 moulding (frame) profiles. His work is acclaimed by many and used by artists on six continents. His moldings have toured in multiple American, European and Asian art exhibits and commercial events.

Hayes’ work has been featured in various magazines and publications. He has been commissioned to design products for inter-continental trade purposes and for governmental figures. He has played a role in bringing back the art of traditional European framing styles. His pieces are meticulous designs and the finished piece are superb! His ability to work his magic and compliment the art is outstanding. He has a gift for color and creation. His designs never over power the art, but enhance it.

Artisen Framewerks is a Kentucky-based premier manufacturer of quality hardwood art related moulding based in Morehead. Since its inception in 2010, it has produced thousands of European-style, closed corner frames. Besides a growing business in America, Hayes has exported his moulding to 76 countries, being featured in many art shows.

Artisan is known for its capabilities in creating a moulding especially for you. Custom work is its speciality. Its products are considered the platinum standard in custom designed Eastern American hardwoods. Quality art needs to be complimented with quality framing products, which Stefan Hayes does exquisitely.

Artisan Framewerks is member a the Kentucky Proud program through the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. It has been acclaimed by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and the Secretary of Agriculture of the United States Department of Agriculture for producing the highest quality of products in its field.

Stefan Hayes brings this once-in-a-lifetime exhibit to Maysville featuring art and artifacts from around the world. You will not have to leave Maysville to see artifacts from Egypt, an African mask, and even an alabaster carving from the tomb of Tutankhamen. This exhibit promises not to disappoint anyone. Stefan has traveled all over the world and is sharing his collection for the first time with our community. He also features artists from ORVAG in this exhibit including Rob Weingartner, Toby Fried, Lorraine Mullikin, to name a few.

The exhibit is free and open to the public. The exhibit is on display Thursday, July 6 through July 31, at the ORVAG Art Gallery, located on the second floor of the Cox Building. The gallery is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from noon until 4 p.m. Please enter through the ORVAG gift shop located on the first floor. If you are unable to come when the gallery is open, please contact Dee Werline, 513-314-1175, to make other arrangements.