Wanted: Leaders, activists and Coca-Cola themes

Stephanie M. Gastauer - STOBER Drives Talent Development Leader

Who remembers the brilliant commercial of Coca Cola’s past? “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. I’d like to buy to the world a Coke and keep it company…” Admit that somewhere inside you began to hear the song and sing along.

If we could be in harmony, focused on the doing the right things, what an impact we could make! Our region is filled with good people who are concerned about the area. We have boards and civic groups who meet regularly and scads of educated, well spoken, well-intentioned, hardworking citizens. We also have empty, unkept residential and commercial properties and an embarrassing lack of pride in our community’s cleanliness. What is the root cause of this disconnect? Two words: leadership and activism.

Everyone has a laser-like focus on the problems we encounter and few have their focus on the solution. Reactive planning has become the status quo of the last 20 years but I see a new dawn on the horizon. Nearly 65% of today’s workforce is the millennial generation, those ranging in age from approximately 20-40. They are the thinkers, the doers, the generation who wants to work for a purpose and enjoy the fruits of their labor through a work/life balance.

The Maysville Young Professionals Network is a group on which to keep your eye. They are reading, writing, meditating, working, serving, worshiping, exercising, preserving, organizing, networking, learning, leading, and acting. Our community is thirsty for a fresh, new direction and they are a resource worthy of all our support. Every business/industry partner should support their young employees’ participation in each MYPN hosted event and reach out to see how they can help. In this day and age, it is not acceptable to have a decision-making group without their perspective. These folks are going to take this area to the next level. We need their input, passion, and vision for our future. Please be inclusive of this group/generation as they are striving to make the area in which we live and play attractive for the talent of tomorrow.

Stephanie M. Gastauer

STOBER Drives Talent Development Leader