Getting to Know Us: Mary Ann Kearns, Editor

Mary Ann Kearns -

I was a terrible salesperson. Lucky me. No really, lucky me. That’s how I ended up in the newsroom with the absolute best job in the world.

I began my career in the newspaper business working for The Times in Augusta, selling classified advertising, not a terribly successful choice of careers for me. As one publisher used to tell, I would walk into a business and say “you don’t want to buy an ad, do you?” Not the best approach.

But then, one fateful day I was told there was no one else available to cover an important county meeting and I would have to attend and write a story about it. And so, I did. The powers that be discovered I could make sentences out of words, paragraphs out of sentences and stories out of paragraphs. Next thing you know, I’m a reporter. So when you see By Mary Ann Kearns, that’s me.

It’s been an interesting and rewarding career. Along the way, I’ve had opportunities to meet people and cover stories and events that I would never have had the chance to otherwise. Stories that will always stick with me. Some of which still make me sad, some of which continue to touch my heart and still others which make me smile just to recall. I’ve seen many changes in how the newspaper delivers the news over the years – from the print edition as the primary source to today’s presence on social media.

At some point, I became fulling vested in this newspaper and it earned a spot on that short list of things I love passionately – my God, my family, my UK Wildcats, my country and this newspaper.

Today, I am editor of the newspaper but the most important and interesting job I will ever have remains that of reporter.

I am not a fan of cold weather and spend most of the winter counting the number of days until warm weather returns so I can plant flowers, watch birds, grill some burgers or just enjoy an evening sitting on the deck.

I grew up in Augusta, Bill and Amy Berry’s little girl if you wondered. I was the only girl among a houseful (four) of boys, so there’s not much that scares me (except bugs, especially cicadas). I still live there with my husband of many years. Together we raised three boys and are now enjoying our grandchildren.

I love this job because it gives me the opportunity to make a difference in the area I call home. My objective every day is to inform and to get it right. I hope history records that I did a fairly good job of that.

Mary Ann Kearns Ann Kearns