Jeff Fulton, Becky Fulton, Missy Stitt, Allen Stitt, Martha Fulton, Latricia Fulton, Jessica Rice and Jamie Fulton to Lori Fulton Brookbank, Parcel in Sardis, no monetary consideration.

Washington Central Methodist Church INC, Washington United Methodist and Central United Methodist Church to Washington Central Methodist Church INC, Multiple Parcels, no monetary consideration.

Menno Schwartz and Emma A. M. Schwartz to Catherine Gamble, 6869 Kentucky 11 May’s Lick, $130,000.

Teresa D. Whisman and Jerry L. Whisman to Teresa D. Whisman, Jerry L. Whisman and Joshua T. Whisman, 2103 Buckingham Square, no monetary consideration.

Lena E. Estate Harmon to Michael Moore and Tammy Moore, Lot 30 and 31 Williams Street, $9,000.

Eva M. Estate Jordan and Douglas Reagan Jordan to Jeffery A. Thompson, Lot South Side of Forest Avenue, $52,000.

Stephanie D. Gray, Sammy Gray, Rebecca D. Litton and Trey Litton to Brian D. Taylor, 61 Ernst Avenue, $138,000.

Seddon United Methodist Church INC and Kentucky Annual Conference of United Methodist Church, Multiple Tracts Mason County, no monetary consideration.

Ryan Pewther to Jarrod Wayne Lucas, Parcel on Salem Ridge Road, $3,500.

Jeff Moore to AZ Sycamore Holdings LLC, 0.123 Parcel Mason County, $19,296.50.

Kurt II Schank to Anthony K. Rings and Cynthia S. Ring, 941 Jersey Ridge Road, $32,000.

Meldi Krupa LLC to Swiftshop LLC, 1 and 1/2 Acres on Cabin Creek Road, $125,000.

Nickie T. Applegate to William Jacob Bruch and Megan Lea Bruch, 7183 Bridgeport Road, $315,000.

Zachary D. Roberson and Shanda Roberson to Soleil Maison LLC, 1006 East Second Street, $55,000.

Alexandria Andrus and Travis Andrus to Morgan Alexandra Signorelli and Joseph Charles Cain, 8024 Shelby Street, $230,000.

Heather Lutz to Guy Allan Lutz, 2305 Old Main Street, $1.00.

Declan E. Huber and Mollie C. Huber to Richard O. Huber and Donna T. Huber, Lots 1-5 Parker Place, $250,000.

Weylin S. Humphrey and Abigail Sariah Humphrey to Mitchell Vincent Thomas, 1018 East Second Street, $212,700.